Saturday, March 19, 2011

DPWH Planning to Cut Down Century-old Trees in Cebu

I was immensely disturbed and angered when I read today's paper. On the frontpage of the Cebu Daily News, Marian Codilla reported that century-old trees lining the south highway from Naga to Carcar will be cut down to pave the way for DPWH's road widening project. These trees lining the south highway for almost a century is an iconic landmark in South Cebu. The Mayors, especially Naga City Mayor Val Chiong, seems to have resigned their fates that these trees will be cut down and there's nothing they can do about it.

While the road widening project will bring new opportunities to these southern towns, does it have to be at the expense of our Island's Soul? These trees are mute witnesses to Cebu's history and in just a few months time, these trees will all be gone.

 These trees lining the south highway forms a canopy over the road stretching for several meters, and is an iconic view and an historic landmark for travellers and locals alike. If these trees will be cut down, our Island will never be the same. I'm sure the DPWH have rationalized that this is the "cheaper" option, but is it really cheap? Losing a part of our heritage is never a cheap option.

On top of that, a 200 year old house in Langtad, Naga City is also up for demolition since that house is along the road that needs to widened.

I am not sure how my fellow Cebuanos feel about it, but I am angered and immensely saddened that there are still people who think that what is old must be thrown out with the trash to pave the way for the new. I dread to see the day that the only time Cebuanos can still enjoy this view would only be thru photographs like this one.

The Governor of the Province of Cebu, Hon. Gwen Garcia is against the idea of cutting down these trees which were planted in by the Public Works Department in 1915 by order of then Cebu Governor Dionisio Abella Jakosalem.

What do you think? Cut down the trees, tear down the 200 year old house?
You can read the CDN news item here.

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