Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Almost a Road Pizza

Earlier this afternoon, just as I was about to cross the street from the Palace of Justice towards the IBP Building, a motorcyclist almost ran me over. Traffic was rather heavy at the Capitol Complex, here comes Mr. Idiot-Full-Face-Helmet-Motorcyclist, speeding without any due regard to the traffic condition, the hell I even care why he was in such a hurry. Thanks to the four (4) mugs of coffee I had earlier, my cat-like reflexes and Spidey senses alerted me on your apparent head on collision course on my glorious body. Had I not been junked up on coffee, I would have been today's Road Pizza plus you would also be on the news after I have pumped your head full of lead as you try to speed off the premises.

Mr. Idiot-Full-Face-Helmet-Motorcyclist, you may have sped off with nary an apology for almost hitting me, but the manner in which I will hit back will hurt you more that you have almost done to my person. Trust me. I may be this seemingly mild mannered good natured person, only the heavens know that mire runs through my veins and not blood.

By the way, the Capitol CCTV caught you nearly hitting me. Did I also mention I was able to memorize your platenumber? You shall be hearing from me soon, or from people clad in black.

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