Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ant Infestation

The Villainous Atty. Abella is irked. A colony (heaven forbid) of ants have taken over my laptop and netbook. Now, I never eat while I’m on my  laptop, netbook or P.C.. I wonder why they love to hole up inside my gadgets. Out of frustration, I got a plastic bag, a canister of bug spray and sprayed the hell out of the inside of the bag and stuffed both my laptop and netbook in it and taped the edges. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what will. After several minutes of waiting and panicking (since I don’t know what the bug spray will do to my electronic gadgets), I took the laptop and netbook out and noticed bugs seemed to be dead. Since I’m a bit of an obsessive compulsive, I whipped out the living room vacuum cleaner and tried to vacuum my gadgets. As of this writing, I haven’t seen any of those ants crawling around my gadgets anymore. Are my gadgets really bug free? I hope.


  1. What have you learned attorney? Di mag linamut. ug mukaon, kaon dili mag laptop. hahaha.

  2. Dear Bea,

    The Villainous Atty. Abella is a master at Multi-tasking.

  3. Hey I too have a similar problem. Ants seem to get into my system all the time. Even if i vacuum it they seem to get in again. I really dont know why. I never bring any food near it :-( . Guess I will have to call the pest control service