Sunday, February 26, 2012


If I had kissed you tenderly
to taste how sweet your nectars be,
I'd be kissing you more
to let you feel the burning passion
for you that I've kindled ever since.

Of I had looked at you
and tears had suddenly rolled down my cheeks,I'd be shedding more
till death will stop them
if I look at you again
you would be gone.

If I had reached for your palms
to imprint on them through my lips
the heated emotion of my soul,

I'd be consoled more 
if in your secret chamber
you press your palms on your cheeks
and from there,
feel how warm still is my love
for you -since it has always been yours.

If I had made you happy
in some stolen hours,
I'd be making you more happy
when all the moments shall be our own.

IF I'm thinking of all these,
it is because
I'd think of you more
and wish for your happiness

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