Thursday, July 3, 2014

Legal Advice, Legal Opinion, Legal Onion.

I've always had this policy of providing free legal advice/opinion to students and former students about their personal legal concerns. I must emphasize the term "personal legal concerns", it does not cover matters relating to inquiries from their employers. Like this one student who sent me a message stating that she wanted to ask me something, so I gave her my email. As it turns out, it was not a personal matter at all, but a matter pertaining to her employer. I stopped reading the email when it became apparent that the question did not involve her (directly), so I messaged her that if her employer is amenable, I shall be assessing the company where is employed my standard consultation fee.

And that was that, the former student found it steep, and it should be. For the legal concern her employer had involved thousands of pesos (thankfully it was not in millions of pesos) which it had no legal right to withhold. To cut the story short, I did not dispense any legal advice since her employer  was not agreeable my proposed fee assessment.

It may be perhaps unfortunate that I'm teaching Labor Laws and some former students, by the time they are employed, will perhaps try to seek legal advice/opinion for their bosses, and try to get it for free. Alas, those matters aren't personal in nature and I do not provide pro bono services to companies/organizations who, in my considered opinion, had caused form of injustice to their employees.

I guess that's just how a LEGAL ONION would work. No legal opinion, just a legal onion for you.

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