Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pick up After your Dog

Dogs. I love dogs but I hate dog shit and their owners who indiscriminately let their dog take a shit without picking up after them. There should be a City Ordinance about responsible pet ownership.

I find it bothersome that most people with dogs would take them out for a walk and have them shitting all over the place and not pick up after them. Every morning, I find pieces of dog shit scattered outside my front gate and in the afternoon, it would be scattered all over my driveway as I drive over it. That's not responsible pet ownership. How would you feel if I let my dog shit in front of your gate or on your driveway?

There was this one incident where I caught one of those dog-owners walking his dog, then it started sniffing and circling around, as a dog owner myself, I know that it's one of those telltale signs that her dog was about to take a dump. I immediately called the attention of the dog owner, telling her, "sakwata ang tae sa imong iro", to which she retorted, "uga bitaw ang tae sa iro, sir". That is not the frigging point, I told her. I immediately handed her a plastic bag (good thing it wasn't a Saturday, otherwise, I'd hand her a flimsy paper bag) and told her once again, "sakwata ang tae sa imong iro". She looked at me strangely, as if she did not understand the reason why I gave her a plastic bag, and I pointed to the steaming pile of dog shit and said, "hiposa ang tae sa imong iro". She then tried to say that her dog took a shit on the sidewalk, a public thoroughfare, and I said again, with all the more reason you should pick up after your dog. People might step on it, nothing can be as bad as stepping on dog shit on the way to work, or home, or where ever.

So she begrudgingly scooped up the stinking pile of dog shit using the plastic bag I gave her.

It's nice to own pets, it's wonderful taking care of pets, but people just have no discipline or sense of responsibility. Be a responsible pet owner. Pick up after your dog. It won't take five minutes to take care of the mess.

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