Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pizza Republic "Pick + Mix" - Cebu

There's this new pizza place along Salinas Drive in Lahug, Cebu City where you can actually pick the ingredients you would want to be placed on your very own pizza. If you remember the noodle joint in Ayala Center, Cebu, called Kublai Khan, Pizza Republic Pick + Mix would be the Kublai Khan of pizza. The service is good, and your pizza will be made according to your exacting specifications.

I was able to visit Pizza Republic Pick + Mix with my girlfriend to try out what they had to offer after hearing good things about it. In what seemed like an assembly line, you get to choose your ingredients and the crew will prepare it for you. A few short minutes later, your pizza is ready to be devoured. The ambiance was nice, so was the pizza, and of course the service. HOWEVER, what irked me a bit is the southern wall of the pizza joint. A few of our friends pointed out that it was not filled with graffiti and post-it notes a few months back.

I've seen so-called coffeeshops (mostly Korean-styled coffeeshops) where their walls are bedecked with post-it notes and graffiti. I've always frowned upon those coffeeshops, those things on their wall remind me of some bathroom in a highschool for juvenile delinquents. I don't really know why people would want to uglify an otherwise wall with all those graffiti and post-it notes. It actually becomes a turn off. If that's your thing, well, you're in luck.

Going back to Pizza Republic, I don't really know if the joint is trying to sport a public toilet look, but those things on their walls look unsanitary, unsightly, and ugly, but more importantly, it cheapens the place. Even their Facebook page sports that ugly wall full of awful grammar and ugly graffiti. Obviously they allow people to scribble stuff on their walls or post post-it notes but I wonder how they would react if I brought with me several cans of spray paint and tag the whole wall with my name. What would be the difference? I see none.

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