Monday, July 27, 2015

The Smell Test

What is MY "smell test"? It's a simple way for me of knowing that a glass/cup used by restaurants hasn't been thoroughly cleaned. I put my nose near the lip of the glass/cup to check if there is a hint of that smell that comes from saliva. More often than not, these restaurants would fail this smell test. The nastiest offender of them all, in my book anyway, is a fast food place in an uptown Cebu mall, named after a musician. I took a whiff from the lip of the cup and I could smell it: saliva. 

One would most definitely know if its saliva and you know it isn't yours. Although they'd put a straw in your cup, one will have to wonder how thoroughly the cup was cleaned since it still smelled like someone's saliva. 

Do the test yourself, there are several establishments that do not use disposal cups. Try it and prepare to vomit.

The worst offenders are:
1. two of the oldest pizzarias in the Philippines.
2. a roast place named after a musician

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