Thursday, April 28, 2016


Our society is not just made up of decent people, it's also made up of prostitutes, vagrants, leftists, rightists, elitists, the rich, the poor, blue collar job holders, white collar job holders, the hopeless, the victims, "victimizers", and generally the sweaty masses as a whole without regard to whether we consider them decent or not. 

Let us not put a divide on what we consider THE FILIPINO people. We should not just say that we should give back the country to the decent, rather, we should say that we give back the country TO THE PEOPLE. 

Come May 9, 2016 cast your vote for whoever it is you wish to vote for and give back the country to the PEOPLE. Remember Cebuanos that the "authority of the government emanates from the PEOPLE."

Let's put an end to all this divisiveness and use our time wisely by voting wisely and campaigning wisely. Keep hydrated and enjoy the summer.
How's that for a campaign slogan?

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